Endura Sport

Design & Technology

Koroyd® Technology

Engineered Protection

Tens of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent and fully engineered core, ready to be cut, shaped, cnc-ed, thermoformed or laminated and further integrated into the best sport and protection products that give you the edge. The cores plastically deform for higher speed impacts, absorbing energy linearly. Up to 84% of the material thickness can be utilised in case of an accident. Existing energy absorbers densify around 60%.

Koroyd® Helmet Technology

Superior Impact Protection with enhanced Airflow

Endura/Koroyd® helmets use 3D formed Koroyd® inserts for enhanced airflow and improved energy absorption in an incredibly lightweight package. This creates the most breathable and lightweight helmets on the market while also providing superior impact protection over standard construction.

Endura Helmets with Koroyd®

Koroyd® Body Protection

Thinnest, lightest and most breathable Level 2 Spine Protector

The EOP 1.0 is extremely lightweight and thin - only 204g and 16mm thick. It is homologated to the highest level of back protection, EN1621:2 Level 2 in all the conditions of temperature, from -10ºC to +40ºC. The Endura MT500 backpack is the first to be designed around the EOP 1.0, offering perfect integration and market leading protection.

MT500 Backpack with Koroyd®

Koroyd® Knee Protection

All day certified protection

The MTR Knee Guard insert combines Koroyd® with foam to balance lightweight breathability and flexible comfort for certified protection. This unique system exceeds EN1621-1, in a wear it all day package.

MTR Knee Guard with Koroyd®


Surface Silicone Topography

This exclusive, patent pending technology has been developed by Endura in close collaboration with Simon Smart of Drag2Zero® and validated by the world’s top road riders on the UCI WorldTour. SST™ is the result of years of R & D, studying airflow in wind tunnel in conjunction with the development of ground breaking new production methods to bring theoretical ideas to real world riding. Strategically positioned 3D chevrons positively affect airflow around the body, reducing drag at the speeds relevant to the target rider.

Endura Luminite LED

Choose Life - Choose Luminite

The updated Endura Luminite LED unit now emits 8 times more lumens than before. It off ers 3 phases of fl ash frequency and can operate for up to 50hrs on the single coin cell battery. The Luminite LED has a twist stud attachment which allows it to be interchanged between different Luminite products and makes it simple to detach for washing the garment. On certain garments it is housed behind a soft clear silicone hood which protects it from backpack damage and prevents you losing it.

Best Commuter Apparel Endura Luminite Helmet

Multi Pad-Width Options

Developed with GebioMized®

Choose the pad width that best matches the geometry of your pelvis to reduce pressure peaks, the key to improved comfort. Endura’s 700 series pad has been developed through scientific testing in collaboration with gebioMized® and pro rider feedback and is ridden by Movistar Team and Cervélo Bigla Women's Pro Cycling Team. For best fit visit an Endura® GebioMized® PadFit™ Centre.

Match Your Saddle

Endura DropSeat™

the answer to nature's calls

One feature unique to Endura's Women's lycra offer is our exclusive DropSeat™ System consisting of a comfortable stretch zip around the back of the garment, facilitating quick and easy comfort breaks without the need to strip off jerseys and jackets.

Wms DropSeat™ Lycra

Endura Clickfast™

Clickfast™ liners compatible with all Endura Baggies

All Endura Baggy Shorts with the “Clickfast™ compatible” logo are Clickfast™ ready. These can be worn with any Endura Clickfast™ undershort or liner. Some Endura ranges already include a Clickfast™ liner and are marked with the “Comes with liner” logo.

Men's Clickfast™ Products Women's Clickfast™ Products